Back online! (sorta)

Well, after what has seemed like an eternity, this website is now back online. The delay was thank to Internode, who confirmed my ADSL2 service as delilverable, then on the day it was meant to go active and nothing happened, I called up to find out that they are unable to deliver my ADSL2 service. They then wanted me to wait 2 more weeks to hook up ADSL1, so I went back to iiNet. They still haven't finished provisioning my ADSL service, but at least they communicate better and have a temporary dial-up account I can use to get my email back online.
So yes, this website is being hosted on dial-up. So yes, it's painfully slow, mainly because the backlog of emails I've been sent are finally coming in.
Please bare with me while we get everything back online after the big move.

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